Wondering when General Motors would start letting Chevrolet borrow the fancy-pants GMC Multi-Pro tailgate? Looks like it'll finally happen for 2021, and it'll get a new name for use with the bow-tie sheet metal.

GM-Trucks.com says that a trusted source has confirmed the details of the new highly adjustable tailgate for them. It'll be called the Multi-Flex tailgate because, of course, you can't use the same name across brands, even if they are the same family. Dodge won't even let Ram or Jeep use Hellcat branding, after all.

Set to arrive mid-year 2021 or very late in the 2020 calendar year, it's expected to be identical to the GMC gate, where a series of moving parts let you use it as a desk, step, to carry plywood and drywall flat, and a number of other uses including as a load bed extension.

GMC's Kicker audio sound system for the tailgate is likely to make the move to Chevrolet as well, adding some punch to the tailgate's flexibility

Stay tuned for pricing and availability of the new tailgate, which has been limited to high-level GMC trims since being introduced with the 2019 GMC Sierra.