A new report showcases why we love the aftermarket so very much for delivering the vehicles that OEMs aren't willing to. Like strapping a supercharger on to create a version of the new Blazer with performance to match the looks.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, the company that has given us so many amazing high-performance GM vehicles over the years, is building the kit, the company told Musclecarsandtrucks.com.

It will use an Edelbrock TVS1740 supercharger to boost the 3.6L V6 to 450 hp. That's V8 power for the little crossover. "It might be something different and cool - we're gonna try one," said Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Vice President Mark Rapson to MC&T, referencing building this SS-like Blazer.

It's a bit of a bonus, really, since the kit was originally intended to apply to the Colorado and Canyon pickups, but since "I can't tell you how many people came up and said 'can I get this installed on a Blazer?'" Rapson said, the kit could end up there too.

Of course, it'll likely need some suspension and brake upgrades to cope with the additional ponies, something LPE is likely to also provide for buyers. As to how much and when? They're not saying just yet.