General Motors has begun notifying early adopters of the Chevrolet Bolt EV after a serious flaw with the car's battery was found.

According to a report from PlugInCars, early produced Bolts may be reporting remaining battery range incorrectly, potentially misleading owners and leaving them stranded. Kevin Kelly, ‎senior manager for advanced technology communications at General Motors, said the issue affects less than one percent of Chevy's early production run, but the company is proactively reaching out to a couple hundred customers, just in case.

"We noticed an anomaly via data from OnStar and that led us to investigate the issue," said Kelly.

The issue stems from one or more of the LG Chem produced battery cells malfunctioning and providing false range data to the dashboard readout. GM's solution includes replacing the entire battery pack, regardless of how many cells are malfunctioning.

Hopefully, for the sake of affordable EVs everywhere, the problem is an isolated manufacturing defect and not something more serious like a major chemistry flaw in the 60 kWh nickel-rich lithium-ion battery.

Year-to-date, Chevrolet has sold 7,592 of the‎ $37,495, 238-mile EV designed for mass market consumption.