The smaller than Traverse GMC Acadia has long seemed like it left a bit of a gap in the brand's lineup. Between the shrunk for 2017 smaller third row of that Acadia and the much larger (and more truck-like) Yukon and Yukon XL. A new report suggests that GMC is developing a vehicle that will fill that space.

GM is considering a new larger three-row crossover, *********** says, quoting sources familiar with GMC product planning. A true full-sizer, but still a crossover. Because these days, every single possible size needs to be filled with a crossover of some kind.

GMC, of course, had a full-size crossover in the previous-gen Acadia. But when it was replaced for 2017, GMC made it smaller. Cutting about seven inches from the overall length, three inches from the width, and about 700 lbs from the curb weight. While it still offers three rows of seating, the third row, and cargo area were both noticeably smaller than the previous version.

This new model would bring that space back to GMC. No word on if it would climb back up to the same size as the still-big Chevrolet Traverse, or if this new model would be larger again than that one, taking advantage of modern platform flexibility.

Source: ***********