Cadillac dealers who are unwilling or unable to sell EVs are being offered buyouts by GM, according to a report from Automotive News. The dealers could be offered between $300,000 and $500,000 to drop the Cadillac part of their dealerships. 

The buyouts may be necessary if GM wants to go big on EVs with Cadillac. While offering electric cars like the Lyriq may sound like a no-brainer for dealers, it does come with a fair few expenses. 

Between setting up chargers, training staff, and investing in tools, reports have suggested that the change could cost $200,000 or more. Selling off the Cadillac portion of their dealerships may then be the most economical option.

The buyout figure is unconfirmed, though, and was revealed to Automotive News by unnamed sources. The number may remain unofficial for quite a long time as the report also says that dealers who opt for the buyout will be required not to disclose how much they received to the public.

Dealerships that opt for the buyout will be allowed to continue to sell Cadillacs through 2021 and will have access to the internal used-vehicle auction house until 2024.

Dealers will be making a long term decision either way, though. With the GMC Hummer coming soon, an electric Silverado reportedly coming soon thereafter, and investments in EVs reaching the billions, it seems likely that building electric infrastructure will only become more pressing as the years go by.