As part of a criminal probe into the United Auto Workers, 14 former Fiat Chrysler and UAW officials have been indicted, with many pleading guilty to the charges. A report last week said that General Motors was under investigation as well in the years-long investigation, but now GM and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Detroit say that GM isn't a target of the investigation.

The report from the Wall Street Journal went to print last week, saying that federal investigators were looking into GM's dealings with the UAW through a joint training centre. WSJ reported that investigators "have interviewed both current and former GM employees within the company's labor relations department" and have subpoenaed financial records for the same training facility, jointly owned with FCA, that lead to those indictments.

On May 1st, Car and Driver reported that it had received a statement from GM indicating that the automaker was not a target. "Recent media reports suggested that General Motors may be a focus of a 'newer front in the years long criminal investigation' being conducted by the U.S. Attorney' office in Detroit," the statement read. "This is simply not true. GM is not a target of the government's ongoing investigation. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Detroit officially confirmed this to GM." That report also says that the U.S. Attorney's office in Detroit confirmed to C/D that GM isn't "presently a target of an investigation" without further comment."

C/D says that the publisher of the WSJ stands by their reporting. If an investigation is ongoing, we're sure it'll come out sooner or later, but for now the official word is that there isn't one.