GM will delay a second shift at its truck plants in Michigan, Indiana, and Mexico, according to a report from Reuters. The delay comes as a result of a lack of parts coming from Mexico.

Production resumed at GM plants across the country on Monday, and a second shift was supposed to launch on Monday at these factories. The Lansing-Delta Township plant will be the only one to start its second shift, according to the report, which cites unnamed sources.

The good news for GM is, though, that production could still begin next week, just later. How much later in the week is unknown.

Demand for trucks remained strong through the pandemic, so GM will be eager to build as many trucks as fast as possible.

The delay demonstrates the challenges of restarting a global supply chain. With production of auto parts only starting this week in Mexico, hiccups were predictable. Suppliers were told that GM planned to restart three production shifts at Fort Wayne on June 1.

Production at GM's North American plants was stopped in March in response to the novel coronavirus.