Citing a leaked document that it did not choose to share, Hagerty reports that the Corvette, like the rest of GM's lineup, will be delayed. That means that the several hotter trims of the Corvette will be delayed, too.

It's hard to parse what is speculation and what can supposedly be attributed to the vanishing document, but Hagerty is reporting that along with a hotter version of the LT2, there will be three other power-unit configurations available to the C8 Corvette.

I say it's hard to parse what's what because a lot of what's being reported have been speculated about in the past. A chart published by Hagerty that includes (the site explains) the publication's own estimates, indicates that there will be a 5.5-liter 32-valve DOHC V8 (like the one in the C8.R), a twin-turbo version of the same engine, and finally a twin-turbo-hybrid version of the same engine.

Reports have variously suggested these engines in the past, and recent reports have all pointed in this direction.

That would suggest that Chevrolet is planning at least as many trim levels and Hagerty reasonably proposes that they will include a Z06, a Grand Sport, a ZR1, and a final top trim that it suggests will be called the ZORA-as previous trademark applications might suggest.

The publication predicts that horsepower will top out somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000, which would put it firmly in hypercar territory. If it's not clear, we're still a little bit skeptical about this report because of the lack of clear attribution but in our estimation, the claims made are at least reasonable.