Some of the people who ordered a 2020 Corvette will, unfortunately, be disappointed as Chevrolet says it won't be able to complete every order it has taken. Chevrolet will work with customers to get them a car, though it might be a 2021 model.

That's according to Chevrolet spokesperson, Kevin Kelly, who spoke to the Detroit Free Press. "We are not going to build all of the 2020 orders," he told the publication.

Naturally, the blame lies with the Coronavirus shutting down not just the Bowling Green assemble plant for a number of months, but the rest of GM's supplier chain.

Although the production is slow, Chevy says that these delays are normal considering the circumstances.

There are issues across the board with suppliers and it's not just the Corvette. You don't just bring both shifts back up when the production was down. You have to ramp up," said Kelly. "We're ramping up as we get the suppliers online and everyone online."

The factory that should be able to churn out about 180 cars a day is currently making just 60 to 90.

Unfortunately, that still means quite a few disappointed customers. Of the 20,181 orders Chevy took through May 1, the company has so far only reported the sale of 3,820.

Adding a new shift will help accelerate production, but the simple fact of the matter is that there isn't enough time to complete all the orders. Fortunately, as Tadge Juechter said in May, the 2021 Corvette will keep the Corvette's sub $60,000 base price and will only offer a few minor changes.

Order books for the 2021 C8 are expected to start in late July.