Despite a pandemic stacking the odds against it (and all vehicles), the Chevrolet Trailblazer is looking like it will be an enormous success.

Although full deliveries through Q2 totaled 6,699 (nnicee), sources told GM Authority that if Chevy could have supplied more vehicles, it could have doubled that figure. A lack of supply has been a popular talking point for GM recently and this proves that the issues extend past American factories.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a 45-day delay in transporting the vehicles from South Korea, where they're built. That meant that despite strong interest, Chevy just couldn't deliver as many Trailblazers as there was demand.

As evidence, the sources pointed to data presented by Chevy to its dealer body. The data showed that Trailblazers only stayed on the lot for an average of 36 days. For context, vehicles that stay on the lot for 60 days are considered strong sellers.

The numbers look even better when you consider that it's a brand new vehicle whose sales only started a few weeks ago. And it's not just in North America, in South Korea Chevy has delivered nearly 10,000 Trailblazers already. And of those, nearly 7,000 were sold in July, showing that demand is accelerating.