With an already quite sizeable trunk, it wouldn't take much to add a third row to the new Blazer. And that's reportedly exactly what Chevy has planned.

GM Authority, citing unnamed sources, reports that Chevrolet is looking to turn its FNR-CarryAll concept into a three-row Blazer as soon as 2020.

The concept was unveiled in China, so the speculation is that a three-row version of the Blazer would emanate from there.

Although the FNR-CarryAll Concept is about 5.5-inches longer than the Blazer-we would anticipate a similar amount of extra length for a production Blazer XL-it is still based on the same short version of the GM C1 platform.

While the FNR-CarryAll shares a number of design features in common with the Blazer, its profile is a little boxier, with a tail section that slopes less aggressively. That may carry over into a Blazer XL since a third row of passengers would require a little more headroom.

And while we have no reason to believe that the CarryAll name will carry over to the Blazer XL, we're going on record as avowed fans of the name which is both descriptive and historical-though Suburban fans may take offense.