As we reported at its unveiling at the end of May, Cadillac plans to introduce a series of V cars that's even sportier than the CT5-V and the CT4-V. These will be called Blackwing.

A Cadillac Society report  follows a report from Muscle Cars and Trucks report from early June saying that the Blackwing name has been chosen for the hotter versions, as was speculated at the time.

"Blackwing" was first applied to Cadillac's shiny new twin-turbo V8. Displacing 4.2-liters and churning out as much as 550 hp, the engine can already be put in the CT6-V, and it is widely assumed that it will also find its way into the CT5-V Blackwing. Weirdly, though, CT4-V Blackwing is highly unlikely to get the engine because of its diminutive size.

Instead, the CT4-V Blackwing is expected to get the CT5-V's twin-turbo V6. Of course, Cadillac hasn't confirmed what engine it plans to put in either car and we would welcome a V8 CT4.