Last week, during the Shanghai auto show, Buick unveiled a newer and longer Encore. The Encore GX gets a longer wheelbase because everything sold in China gets a longer wheelbase version. Now, a new report says that the US could get that same extension.

While making your subcompact crossover no longer subcompact seems like an odd choice, when it comes to crossovers and SUVs it seems that there's no such thing as a bad choice. Though maybe that shouldn't be a huge surprise. After all, before SUVs became the new family sedan, many brands offered multiple cars in each segment. Even Buick has had three or four different full-size sedans at the same time in the not all that distant past. So maybe a bit more Encore makes sense.

Automotive News quotes sources familiar with product plans as saying that US dealers will get the Encore GX. Slotting in the lineup between the existing Encore and the Envision.

The same report, though, says that the new "regular" Encore also shown in Shanghai won't come to the US. That one's going to be built and sold in China, on a platform designed for emerging markets.

Will the US end up with two Encores, or will this be a one extra song show? The report says new and old will be sold alongside, but not for how long.

Automotive News