Despite an attractively low starting price, Chevrolet appears to have learned a trick from the Germans and will charge you considerably for your options, according to a report from

The site reports that order guides show prices for the highest volume trim levels starting closer to $33,500 than the base $29,995. Their reporting also suggests that prices at the top of the range will reach nearly $49,000.

That puts the Blazer at a pricing disadvantage to its rivals like the Murano and the Edge on models that customers are likely to actually buy. And that's despite having a lower starting price than those two.

The difference comes down largely to expensive options. All-wheel-drive, for example, is a $2,700 option on the Blazer. For the Murano, meanwhile, it costs just $1,600 and it costs $1,995 on the Ford.

That means that despite the Blazer RS starting $1,500 less than the Edge ST, it's actually more expensive when you consider the AWD, which is standard on the ST, but not on the RS.

It all means that the prices will mount quickly for customers who attracted to the Chevy lot by the Blazer's low prices. It also means that their neighbors in Fords and Nissans likely left the dealership with a less expensive car, despite the Blazer's lower starting price.

[source: Cars Direct]