The future's electric according to Chevrolet's head of marketing and advertising, Tony Johnson. And yes, that means performance cars, too.

"We'll definitely fulfill unique customer needs and expand our portfolio. The only way we can grow this movement is to start attacking each segment one by one," Johnson told Electrek in a recent interview. "We're flipping to an all EV future, so every segment eventually."

Pressed by the publication about whether or not that specifically meant a sports car, Johnson replied "if we're serious about the future, right?"

With plans for an electric pick-up right around the corner with the GMC Hummer and more coming from Cadillac, it's clear that GM is intent on attacking more and more segments with its EVs. Chevrolet would be far from the first manufacturer to enter the EV sports car space.

Tesla arguably started the modern trend with its roadster, though it was soon followed by a slew of others, including Porsche. Electric motors' instant torque makes them ideal candidates for blazing-fast accelerating sports cars, though top speeds remain a challenge.

It could be argued that Chevrolet has already introduced its proof-of-concept with the eCOPO Camaro, a drag racing all-electric Camara that can run the quarter-mile in the nines.

Why go after people who aren't interested in saving gas? Because Chevy believes that there's an EV buyer in all of us.

"The big thing for us is not just going after people who are already in the EV space. We have to grow this space," said Johnson. "That means going after the EV-curious and showing them how easy it is to live with these vehicles."

Johnson added that the company doesn't want to be behind the times. They don't want to sit around waiting for the revolution.

"We want to be a driving force behind it."