Roughly 1/5th of Cadillac dealers have opted to take a GM buyout that was reportedly offered to them last month. The buyout was intended to give dealers an opportunity to opt out of Cadillac's electrification plan.

Of the roughly 900 dealers around the US, 150 have taken GM up on its buyout offer, reports the Wall Street Journal. Cadillac wants all of its dealerships to offer EV infrastructure in order to sell the Lyriq EV and other subsequent electric vehicles.

To be able to sell the cars properly, though, requires a hefty investment in charging infrastructure, training, and tools that would reportedly amount to around $200,000.

Although no official number was provided for the buyouts, it was suggested that they could range from $300,000 to $500,000 and with over $1,000,000 being reported elsewhere. The dealerships were allowed to continue to sell Cadillacs until 2021 and would continue to have access to GM's internal auction system, but wouldn't get new Cadillacs after that.

With dealerships mostly carrying other GM brands, the change would be manageable for dealers. That said, with the GMC Hummer following closely behind, and GM getting lots of positive press for its unfolding EV strategy, it may only be a matter of time before all of GM's dealerships have to offer the EV infrastructure.