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Remember when Warranty meant we'll fix it?

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I've been to another dealer about my wheels and I am convinced it is a conspiracy among dealers that they don't back the warranty on their wheels. They wouldn't back the brakes after they turned the rotors once, and I've had numerous water leaks and stereo probs. So far, the stereo and water leaks they have fixed. I have done a lot of research on the net and even aftermarket companies will back their chrome if it peels, I own a Harley dripping chrome and different manufactures parts don't always fit together and I have cut chrome peices with a hacksaw, Dremel, and drilled them. I have never had one piece peel. I work in the alloy industry, cylinders you may see everyday in "the world" have chromed shafts that extend and retract through some type of sealing material ( including the shocks and struts on your car ) and they don't peel. But GM is saying that because someone MIGHT have used a cleaner not approved, It CAUSED the wheels on my car to peel. BULLCRAP!!! Surely they could come up with a better excuse. I am now starting to get the noise in the steering, thought i might have dodged that problem, but NOOOOO, so its back to the other dealer to have them have a go at it. Wonder what their excuse will be.
I thought I had bought a really nice car with good backing, as a loyal Ford owner for years I thought it would be OK to buy a GM, I am losing faith fast. I have never had this much trouble with a car or a warranty.
Sorry evereyone, but I needed to vent.
Still a gorgeous little hotrod and still getting 32 on the highway!
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SORRY>>>>>>>>I just can't understand your rambling posts.
Exactly what is wrong with your rims?
Are they they the factory installed equipment rims?
Is the car still under the factory new car warranty?

Funny.....I had peeling clearcoat on my factory Cadillac rims when
it was 2 years old and the dealer replaced them FREE under
warranty with no muss or fuss.
Your rambling again !

Exactly what are you trying to say?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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