When prehistoric humans sat down under the stars, they pondered the big questions: what's the meaning of life? Why does love hurt so bad? And will Chevrolet sell the C8 Corvette as a hybrid?

Despite rumors of the hybrid drivetrain seemingly predating the internal combustion engine, there has been little actual evidence of the car aside from a few photos from Instagram. And now Chevrolet has refuted that evidence.

Speaking to Road & Track, Chevrolet said that the big wires and the shut-off button in the vehicle pictures above weren't for a hybrid system.

Chevy told R&T that the car just a base model Stingray and that "the cable sticking out of the front hood was for ease of access to the 12V battery, so they wouldn't have to open the hood or keep the car running to keep it charged."

Now, of course, that specific denial has no real impact on whether or not Chevrolet is making a hybrid C8. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but the question of a hybrid Corvette remains unfortunately muddy.