When Chevrolet launched the new Silverado, it started off with the big buck trucks. Crew cabs and extended cabs in high-spec trims. It makes sense for the manufacturer since buyers looking to save a few dollars will likely not have a problem either waiting or buying the outgoing truck. Now, according to Autoblog, the new Silverado's regular cab is on the way.

The report says that Chevrolet said just 12 percent of buyers want the two-door truck. That's compared with 70 percent going for the crew cab. So the delays for the regular cab truck make sense. But that's still close to 100,000 pickups between the Silverado and Sierra.

So the regular cab is coming. Sometime this quarter, if the claims are true. It could end up being limited to just the lower-spec trims too. Like Work Truck, LT, and Custom. That wouldn't be a new addition, though, the last-gen Silverado saw the same rules applied. No High Country regular cabs for you!

The start of regular cab won't mark the death of the old-gen Silverado, though. Production of that model is expected to continue, with final assembly of those trucks taking place at the Oshawa assembly plant until late this year.