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Redesigned VISTA Interior.

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I was looking at pictures (beauty shots, if you will) of the Opel Insignia, and after snatching one for my signature, I came across a sketch of a rejected interior design for that car. Cha-ching! Inspiration.

So, I redesigned my infamous Saturn VISTA's interior, basing the design off of that concept sketch. It turned out SO much better than I expected.

So, may I present...

Comments? I know about the line on the right side... :cool:
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Your designs for Saturn are amazing! I wish GM could see the potential in the brand that you do. The tach going backwards is interesting and unique, I say keep it. That appears to be a 10 inch screen, I think that is the size they should be so a quick glance tells you everything.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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