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Can you think of any shows within the last couple of years that have had a GM car or truck driven by one of the main characters? Sure, there will always be muscle cars from the 60's in a show now and then, but what about the 2001 Impala, or some similar current or recent GM vehicle?

Here are a few I can think of off of the top of my head:

1. 24 - Last season, I believe Jack Bauer drove a GMC Yukon for most of the show (this year they have a heavy dose of new Ford F-150s, but the bad guys are drving HUMMER H2s)
2. Dark Angel - It was set in the future, so Logan aka "Eyes Only" Aztek!
3. Not so recent, but the X-Files Mulder and Scully always seemed to be driving a Buick or some similar GM FWD passenger car...
4. The Lone Gunmen - Had a sub-main character (kinda a dumb but rich jock type) driving a black 2000-ish Trans Am in several episodes.
5. The Sopranos - had an appearance by a pre-production version of a Bonneville GXP.
6. At least 2 episodes of Relic Hunter (Tia Carrere) have Impalas in them (rental cars while they were somewhere huntin' a relic)

Any more?

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CSI: Miami the cops drive Hummer H2s.

***** Eye for the Straight Guy's drive a GMC Yukon

Celebrity Mole has the ejected people leaving in a Yellow Suburban

Sopranos: Tony drives a Suburban. Paulie Walnuts drives a Cadillac.
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