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Ram 0-60 in 5.7 seconds

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I can't help but think Toyota should have a 2wd Tundra 5.7 reg cab short bed to compete. I know the first year they could do it, but it was a stripped "work truck". This Ram looks very nice, and I'm sure it'll be a hit.

I wonder if Chevy has plans to resurrect the Silverado SS?

The only real downside to the Ram is the requirement of midgrade gasoline to get this performance. Sure, it'll "run" on regular....just don't expect 0-60 in 5.7! ;)
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Long story. He has been calling me a troll in a few other threads too. :rolleyes: I actually had to delete some of my posts in another thread because I was getting carried away last night, and I wanted to be the bigger man. As it is, I am not particularly proud of post #4 in this thread......but I felt like sending a message that I am not going to be intimidated into leaving GMi. :cool:
Don't worry about it Euro. All of us need to vent and speak our minds once in awhile (I've done my fair share of venting posts once in awhile). Anyway just ignore him and I'm sure that he'll eventually get bored leave and go to another Forum. Anyway back on topic here. 5.7 seconds is not a bad 0 to 60 time for a Truck that is this size. the G8 ST will have a weight advantage but lets keep in mind that the Ram is a full size pickup and the ST is a car based Ute
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