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Pultizer Prize winner picks Acura, Cadillac

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Did anyone catch The Dennis Miller Show last night? Toward the end of the show, he was interviewing a Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times automotive critic named Dan Neil.

At one point in the conversation, Miller asked Neil to recommend a car, any car, for someone wanting to spend about $60K. Neil's response began with a recommendation of Acura, citing fuel efficiency and quality. He followed that up with a hearty recommendation for "the new Cadillacs", saying that they are "very strong" (which I took to mean as very competitive, i.e. strong choices). "I've had a running battle with General Motors", he continued, but added that GM has come around.

It should be noted that Neil is the first automotive journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize, and while that distinction actually has a negative connotation in my mind (Pulitzers seem to favor writers of the strong left persuasion), it's nice to know that Mr. Neil can look down his nose at the amateurs at C&D and other trade rags, and remind them on national TV that Cadillac is back.
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