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Possible ground problems???

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2004 2500 HD 8.1. 79000 mi. I have a few elect problems. Sometimes when I start my truck the drivers seat heater comes on. Replaced switches on drivers door, no change. The high beam indicator light illuminates very low all the time on low beam, works fine on high beam. Sometimes when I turn ignition off with key removed gauge cluster lights stay on for a minute or so. Last week the red battery indicator light on gauge cluster was slightly illuminated barely visible for a few days. Door locks work fine but once in a while when I get out of the truck with the door open I push the lock button and it wont work. Horn quit working I removed the steering wheel and cleaned all the contact points for the horn, checked fuse and relay. No change. I have researched and read a bad ground can create many strange events. Frustrated beyond words. I am 58 years old and purchased my first chevy when I was 18 need I say more. I just purchased this truck a few months ago. I chose it because it is very clean and just 79000 miles. As I look closer it seems the truck has been rode hard and put away wet. My old truck was a 1500 2003 with 170000 miles (3600 hours) this truck with 79000 miles has (3200 hours) Im realizing now its not just miles on a vehicle but you need to look at the hours.
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I know on a bunch of Chrysler products, the TIPA and integrated power module is causing major crazy electrical problems like stuff turning on and off by it's self.
I have seen stuff like you describe being caused by ground issues as the power HAS to go some where and usually takes a different CKT to get there
If the issues are persistent, it should be easy for a good mechanic to troubleshoot.
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