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I don't know about die, more like just quite making stupid products. ie. Panamera and a "Roxter"!(And possbily the Cayenne?)
Just wait until they announce their pickup truck and minivan.

They used to be my favorite automaker, back when they were only interested in building sports cars. I still love seeing 911s and Boxters and the like.

Seeing a Cayenne though reminds me of where they are going. If it were just the Panamera, I could forgive them. Maybe even a station wagon. But an Suv, no matter how fast, is blasphemy. Not to mention two suvs. They are pandering to the "I buy them to impress the neighbors" crowd.

And the names are just getting terrible now.

It's worse than VW USA jacking up prices and calling themselves a "Luxury brand" out of nowhere (though I love the Phaeton).
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