A collection of cars owned by DC Solar's owners is being auctioned off by US Marshals and it's a real smorgasbord of American muscle.

The collection, being sold with the help of Apple Auctioneering, is the largest single-owner collection ever auctioned off by the Marshal Service-I wonder if that helped with the investigation at all.

Besides there being more Shelby Mustangs than I can count on one hand, six Fiat 500s, and a whole bunch of Mopar stuff, there's also a bunch of GM metal.

Metal like the Smokey and the Bandit replica Trans Am formerly owned by one Burton Leon Reynolds Jr.-I guess not everyone who owns it is a good bandit. There are also four Chevy Volts for some reason, a pretty nifty-looking '50s Chevy delivery van, an El Camino with slicks that suggest it can handle itself in the quarter-mile, a couple of Chevelles, various Camaros, four Hummers, and much, much more.

Ironically, it's the size of the collection that may have led to it being so readily auctioned off. The decision was reportedly reached because the former owner opted to place the proceeds of the auction against their tab rather than paying for storage and maintenance.

DC Solar, in case the name sounds familiar, was a big NASCAR sponsor for a minute. The company supposedly leased out mobile, solar-powered generators to big venues like race tracks and concerts. The leases came with the benefit of a sizeable federal tax break.

Unfortunately, prosecutors allege that the hundreds of generators that were in the company's books had never actually been leased. Instead, DC Solar only buried the generators' GPS trackers at sites to make them look they were out.

Court documents reveal that although DC Solar claimed to have 12,000 generators in March 2018, they only had between 3,000-5,000. The company was also funneling money from new investors to older ones (like Warren Buffet) in an effort to make itself look profitable.

Ultimately, the company's deceptions wound up costing investors an estimated $1 billion. So head over to Apple Auctioneering's website on October 26 to see if you can get one of these cars and drive it like someone else stole it.