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Gto @ 35k 5.7 litre
Grand Prix @ 27k supercharged 3800
Me personally i would have to pick the Gran Prix.
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GTO... I don't aspire to own a FWD family sedan.

Make it Cosmos Purple with a 6 speed. :D
Budget wise, I'd pick the Grand Prix.
Canada wise, I'd pick the Grand Prix (we don't have the GTO here).
Weather wise, I'd pick the Grand Prix (FWD is better in Canadian snow).

But overall, I'd take the GTO.
GTO no question about it. Now if I could only figure out how to get that other 29k I need to get one.
ahhhhh Barbados Blue GTO with 6spd please! I like smoking the rear, not peg-legging the front.
Perhaps a Grand Prix GTP, but I'd like to see a little more power out of the super charged engine. Hell, throw in a Northstar. And they need a good trim package to go with it. GXP?

Ok, so I guess I'll go with the GTO when all is said and done.
GTO for me, but I am going to wait until they fix the trunk :)
I would get the Grand Prix IF it had a 6-speed manual, but I like the GTO with the manual quite a bit, if only it weren't being gouge-priced by the !#@$ dealers...
I keep hearing of all these dealer mark-ups on GTO's, but I have yet to see one at any local dealer in my area. I was checking out a Bonneville GXP, the sticker was $38,000!! I almost fell over laughing, no way that car is worth that.
I already have a WS6 2001. Give me a Grand Prix GTP but before the recent styling since I like the previous styling so much more.
I'll take the Bonneville GXP. I think it'd fit me more since I have a LS1 to play with, but it will still have the V8 fun.
If $ was of no concern, the GTO without a doubt.
But with $ speaking loudly... the GP GTP will win.

Two of my favorite motors. LS1 and the SC 3.8.
Originally posted by nsap@May 24 2004, 01:52 AM
GTO....Also, it is GRAND Prix...
what?? I am talikng about the Grand Prix with a 3800 sc and the Gto 350.
What are you saying, no offense.
He's saying that it's Grand Prix, not Gran Prix.

There's a D in there.
Originally posted by Rex Raider@May 26 2004, 12:35 AM
He's saying that it's Grand Prix, not Gran Prix.

There's a D in there.
thanks for clearing that up rex
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