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Pontiac Sunbird Coupe & Sedan (Torana)

Many have seen my idea for a Firebird on the Alpha platform. Here is a heresy for some of you, but perhaps the only way to get the Firebird back.

There's nothing wrong with being passionate about a car like the Firebird / TA. I know I am about many. Unfortunately passion doesn't give a fan any control over the company that makes their vehicle and we get stuck with what they give us or not.

In this case GM doesn't intend to give anything at all if what they say is true, and the Firebird is dead forever.

Me, I have taken an idea that I like and that I can present in a chop form and propose as an alternative to what GM has rejected, which is a sister car to Camaro. So I say put Firebird on Alpha as a smaller RWD coupe and fill a niche that neither GTO nor Camaro fill. To me that makes a reasonable business case. I think the days are gone for a long time when GM has the financial luxury of making two cars that fit the same market niche.

In making a business case for Firebird I now actually propose an I4 entry-level model, even though this is, as I said above, a heresy to may Firebird fans. To make money on such a car you need sales to women and you need high fuel economy cars to offset against the V8's for CAFE. I’ve changed it's name though from Firebird to Pontiac Sunbird.

Here in OZ we had fire-breathing Torana V8's in the 70's. They had entry level I6's as well and then Holden introduced an economy I4 Torana that it marketed under the Sunbird nameplate. People didn't confuse a Sunbird with a Torana SLR5000 or a Torana A9X coupe. The same strategy could be used to get more use out of this same Pontiac coupe body. That or the Sunbird could be sold as a Saturn. But then I know how much you guys hate badge engineering. :D

I decided to do I4 and V6 Sedan versions as well:

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