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PONTIAC really changing GP??

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Anyone know if GM is really going RWD and V8 on the GP and WHEN will Pontiac see it?? :afro:
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Originally posted by ARCANGEL@Jun 9 2004, 10:32 PM
im not a Doctor I do have pacience not patients!!! and Im only askin cause my smart buy ends in 07!
Actually, "pacience" is middle ages English, derived from a French word. Prior to the use of this word and its spelling, the Anglo-Saxon word for "patience" was “tholemodnesse".

eadmodnesse ant tholemodnesse, treoweschipe ant haldunge of the alde ten heastes,
schrift ant penitence - theos ant thulliche othre, the beoth summe of the alde lahe,
summe of the neowe, ne beoth nawt monnes fundles, ne riwle thet mon stalde, ah beoth
Godes heastes.


humility and patience, loyalty and the keeping of the ancient ten commandments, confession and penitence - these and such others, some of which are from the old law, some from the new, are not man's invention, or a rule which man established, but are God's commandments.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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