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PONTIAC really changing GP??

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Anyone know if GM is really going RWD and V8 on the GP and WHEN will Pontiac see it?? :afro:
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GM has several RWD cars out now with V8's. SRX, CTS-V, GTO, and now the STS.
Pontiac already got its RWD car. When will pontiac get another one? When Zeta comes into play with in 2-4 years.
Ok, back to zeta

Well, Buick will be the first to get the Zeta cars in 06, by 07 we should see some Pontiac and Chevy action as it trickles down. I say you will see a RWD, V8 powerd GP next to a 2dr GTO, next to a possible Bonnie along with Chevy Impalla and Camaro.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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