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Does anybody know if the Pontiac G8 has been rated in NCAP yet or had any crash assessments done stateside? I know that the Commodore and Ute both got 4 star ANCAP/Euro-NCAP ratings.

I can't find the G8's NCAP (American) score anywhere so perhaps it hasn't been rated yet :eek:, though I'd hope it has been since it's been on sale for a while now and people will be wanting to look at insurance...

Will it even be rated by NCAP or has it just come with the same disclaimer sticker on the rear side window that it's not been certified by NCAP, only that it has passed the (arguably a fair bit stricter) ANCAP test overseas?

It's had some changes to the sheetmetal and such which would affect it's rating though, surely, so really the question here is "what rating is this car going to get and when is it going to get it?"
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