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So I'm not good at inventing names :p , well basically its a Opel Astra with a G6 headlight (I thought the right headlight looked close enough) and added a G6 grille, oh and changed the color from the ugly green.
Here's what I got:


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The grille looks good, but I'm not a fan of the gigantic headlights. I'd say drop the G6 headlights - the Astra headlights look OK (but even they seem a little large). You could use the Cobalt headlights for "cost cutting". :p

Did I just say that? :lol:

This is a good idea though. I like the wheel arch molding and the other details of the Astra more than the Cobalt, and it would be easy for GM to do - why waste time killing a good design.

And your grille looks better than the original (which is too big also).

The Cobalt profile loses all of the edgy creases and nice design of the Astra. The "Pontiac G4" here could change that.

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