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New Name for Lacrosse

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A Gentlemen was parked behind me in a 2002 Lesabre Custom. He was walking up to his car while I was loading my bag from the gym. He says nice car and asks me what car is mine supposed to replace. LaCrosse has been on the market since fall of 2004 and a recent Buick owner cannot tell me that the LaCrosse is a replacement for Century/Regal.

But in all fairness, how old was this guy, if he was driving a LeSabre, I would say he was at least 60 or more, also, how into cars is he. He might be a Buick owner and have owned several Buicks, but he might not really be someone keeps on top of what is and is not available or what has replaced what. When I sold Buicks in the late 90's you would be surprised how many times you would get a Buick owner that would come in looking for a Skyhawk or a 2 door Regal or a Roadmaster Estate Wagon, or they would wonder why you could not get a red interior or white walls on something, the point is the many Buick customers are loyal to the make, but they are not exactly on top of automotive trends.
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