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New Name for Lacrosse

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To those not familiar with full size Buick names...

The 1936-58 Special and 1959 and newer LeSabre were the basic models built on the "B" body with a smaller engine and cheaper trim.

The 1936-58 Century, 1959-63 Invicta, 1962-70 Wildcat and 1971-73 Centurion were the most powerful and more luxurious and they were also build on the "B" body.

The Super (series 50), and Electra were made on the bigger C body but had cheaper trim.

The Roadmaster, Limited and Electra 225 were the most luxurious models.

The 1963 and newer Riviera was a personal coupe, before 1963, the name Riviera was used to identifiate some body styles rather than models, mostly pillarless hardtops.
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