An insane deal if you meet all the parameters...

According to CarsDirect, under the right circumstances, you could drive home a brand new Chevrolet Trax for $11,319 less than MSRP. Here's how it works. 

It starts with $3,500 in Customer Cash, which is a typical cash-on-the-hood incentive program General Motors is offering nationwide. Next comes the Select Market Bonus Cash, which is a $750 bonus available to shoppers in states like Michigan, California, Florida, Texas, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York, Phoenix, Washington D.C. and a few others.

The next hurdle to clear depends on if someone in your household is currently leasing a 2012 or newer non-GM vehicle. If so, you're eligible for $1,500 in bonus cash. You'll also need to qualify for GM Employee pricing in order to maximize savings on the Trax. GM employees and relatives are eligible for roughly $1,500 in discounts on the compact crossover. 

The remaining part of the equation is dependent on your dealership and mere happenstance. GM's Flex Cash program fills in the remaining $4,000, the program is a dealer cash incentive that's based on how many cars the dealer has been able to sell. Dealers can pile Flex Cash allowances on one particular model to offer better prices, like this dealer in Michigan

As you can see it's quite simple to get yourself a Chevrolet Trax for $11,000 off MSRP, provided you're a GM employee with a leased non-GM vehicle in the home, living in one of the approved regions, and your dealer has made the full Flex Cash allowance available on the Trax.