Photos of the upcoming replacement for the Cadillac Escalade have leaked on Instagram. Looking pretty much like a Suburban with a Cadillac grille on the outside, it's the interior's thoroughly futuristic dash that will doubtless catch your eye here.

The photos were shared by allcarnews, which points out that it looks like a cross between the "Suburbab" (boy do I hope that's what Barbara Streisand calls her car) and an XT6.





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As we said, though, it's inside that things really start to change. Instead of the Suburban's 10-inch screen in the middle of the dash, the Escalade appears to create the illusion of a single screen stretching from driver left, over the binnacle, and into the infotainment screen to the right of the driver.

And instead of anything so dull as dials, the instrument cluster also appears to be a big screen. This is not unlike what the Germans, specifically Mercedes are doing with their interiors. It reflects the current thinking that technology and features are among the biggest selling points, especially for luxury vehicles.





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Just how well-realized all of this technology is remains to be seen, of course, but it should provide some good talking points for the Cadillac media team.

Expect that to happen sometime in the spring with sales starting in the summer.