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Photos of Challenger SRT

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We have a Challenger SRT in our shop so here are a few photos I took. I haven't driven it yet, but I will take a spin after we finish the R&D work. In the background of one of the photos you can see a Caliber SRT4, and a BMW M3 coupe.

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It's weird how much it looks like the Camaro from the side.
I was reading an article about some guys driving the first one on a road trip and the vast majority of people thought it was a Camaro. It actually does look quite a bit like an older Camaro from the side profile. It definitely looks more like the old Cudas than even the old Challenger.

Dealers always have ridiculous markups because there are always people that have to have the first ones and the Camaro will be no different. Even before the Challenger went on sale there was a guy on the Challenger forums who worked at the dealership and would sell them for sticker. There will probably be a guy on the Camaro forums who will do the same for you so there is really no reason to get gouged other than being a fool.

The Challenger has a plenty good interior for what it is and the exterior is pure sex. I give credit where credit is due!
Dodge hit a grandslam with this car. This car looks like it has a living breathing soul (an evil one) where as the Mustang and Camaro just look like cool cars. It has that rebel spirit that the Firebird T/A has. I love how clean the engine bay looks too. You can actually see the engine unlike GM and Ford engines buried under a CF of wiring.
Yeah I love how they made it a point to paint the shock towers and all the interior metal of the engine bay in the body color and not cover it up with a big piece of plastic.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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