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Overlooked 'Car' Movie......

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An overlooked 'car' movie, trimmed with plenty of action is 1973's White's not a 'car' movie in the traditional sense, but does feature alot of pretty good chase scenes w/Burt Reynolds behind the wheel of a sleeper Ford (hot-tuned Custom 500) over, around & through the Arkansas back country.

Is kinda hard to find nowadays, but if you got some time to kill......this would be a good way to kill it :cool:
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Is that the movie where Ned Beatty does a pig impersonation?
Or is it the one where Eddie Albert stars as the prison warden?
Or the one with a Little Beaver that made the Trans Am famous?

I'm so confused....
The one with Ned Beatty.....:lmao:
Don't forget non-car movies with hellatious car chase scenes...

To me, it's a tossup between The French Connection and To Live And Die in L.A. As much as I adore Gene Hackman, Popeye Doyle, and Popeye's Fried Chicken (named for Doyle, not the sailor man!)... I think I'd give the top nod to that beat-up Impala in the latter film!

Anybody remember Ron Howard's Grand Theft Auto from the mid 1970s? Or how about that lameass Corvette Summer? Which I think was Annie Potts' film debut. Other awesome car(ish) flicks: Used Cars. The Love Bug. Deathrace 2000. And who could forget Gumball Rally?

Edit: sorry, I've got this "thing" for crappy, kitschy 70s films!
Corvette, I was just like "WTF?"

Another one that you never see or hear about 'The Driver' with Ryan O'Neal & Bruce Dern. The first few scenes are my absolute favs, where O'Neal is getaway driver for a pair of robbers, tearing ass through downtown LA in a mid 70's, sky blue Ford Galaxie......later scenes towards the end feature him in a Firebird and a Chevrolet C10 Pickup. *(Coincidentally, the director of this film--Walter Hill--also directed White go figure on the chase scenes ;))*
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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