GM has already shown off the new Silverado/Sierra, but it's not here yet. That's because GM has a lot of work to do before it can build them. That'll hurt production of the current model, but the manufacturer has a cunning plan to minimize the cost.

As you may know, the upcoming Silverado is all new. But not just in the marketing sense, it really is introducing a whole new platform. As a result, getting factories ready to build the new truck will also put them out of commission.

That, figures GM, will keep them from producing up to 120,000 vehicles. Which is a big hit to the balance sheets for 2018.

Naturally, it'll be worth it, because the new truck will be great and people will buy it in a manner that will very much resemble sales of the hot cake. But, still: 120,000.

Fortunately, GM has a plan. A cunning plan. Well, actually, a complicated plan, but one it hopes will half that number. It all revolves around Oshawa.

That's right, the Dirty 'Shwa's highly flexible plant will have partially assembled trucks sent to it from Roanoke to be painted and completed.

The plan works because the plant already had an empty line sitting around not doing much, so it can handle the extra volume.

"The Oshawa Shuttle," as GM has taken to calling it, will help reduce the overall hit to truck production to just 60,000. That's still a big number, but it's considerably smaller than 120,000, so it's probably worth the expense.

Additionally, GM took advantage of the holidays-when production was slow anyway-to start converting plants, but there was just too much to do to complete it all over the holidays.

As a result, GMC and Chevy's sales figures will take a big hit in the first quarter, but just remember: it could have been much worse.