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I have to say I don't understand it - current Zafira is built off the Astra-J (Delta II) platform with the Astra-K about to launch - current Meriva is built off the old Gamma platform which goes forward under the Mokka/Trax/Encore despite the new Corsa-E retaining the Fiat SCCS platform from the outgoing Corsa-D.

One of Opel's main issues is space production capacity so I don't see any advantage sharing with PSA when Opel already has suitable platforms and engines which will stay in production for other GM models.

Specifically, it means that Opel/Vauxhall will be selling sub-compacts built on three different platforms - Mokka on Gamma, Corsa on SCCS and Meriva on PSA.
Does not make much sense to me either, thought that the Meriva and Zafira were selling reasonably well, and why make sub-compacts on three different platforms. Sub-Compact segment is not a huge money maker to offset cost of three platforms.

Is this true and I am guessing that both the Zafira Family and Zafira Tour will both be replaced?

Must be why GM cancelled the Granite since it would be "orphaned" when the next gen Meriva was introduced.

Not sure why the Mokka and Next Gen Antara cannot continue alongside the Meriva and Zafira(s).

GM seems really good at wasting a lot of money trying to "Manage" a way to make vehicles opposed to "Designing" them.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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