Corvette Racing's Oliver Gavin thinks this year's GTE Pro class is so competitive that any of the 14 cars entered has a chance of class victory.

The GTE Pro class promises to be an outright slugfest when you take stock of the protagonists: 2 factory Corvettes, 2 factory backed Aston Martins, 3 works Ferraris, 3 911s and 4 factory Ford GTs.

At the Le Mans test day last week the entire class was covered by less than 1.5 seconds.

"You could say every single car has a good chance of winning in our class, there's no weak link anywhere," Gavin said in an interview with

"It's daunting - one slip and all of a sudden you could be 12th, and then getting back to the front will be extremely difficult.

"The pace will be ferocious, but someone will have a perfect race - and they will be the people that win. You can't pick out who that is going to be."

Gavin added that he expects the new Ferrari 488 to be quickest on raw pace. "If you asked me who the favourite is, I'd have no idea," he said. "Who's the fastest? Most probably Ferrari, then most probably Ford, then us."


Earlier this week, Gavin's teammate Jan Magnussen accused the Ford boys of sandbagging in order to game the WEC's Balance of Performance rules.

"It's frustrating changes have been made this late," continued Gavin. "Obviously you never want anything taken away from your team.

"But we just have to get on with it, focus on what we can influence, and do exactly what we did last year, when we executed perfectly and we won.

"I think the best thing that could possibly happen is if we beat Ford. That would be a marvellous result, although I'm sure Ford want to beat us as well."