The ATS and CTS were examples of Cadillac squaring its sights on Germany's mighty sedans. And although we can agree that they did a great job, Cadillac did miss one trick: convertibles.

That oversight has now been blessedly redressed by Convertible Builders, which, as is right and proper, is based out of Florida.

Offered for sale by Cadillac of Naperville, this glimmering example of high Florida has just 188 miles on the odometer.

Unfortunately, so much Florida cannot be stuffed into one vessel cheaply. Cadillac of Naperville is asking for $99,000. Kindly, though, they've offered a breakdown of the ATS's value, dividing it thusly: $79,000 for the ATS-ness and $20,000 for the convertibleness.

As ever, the ATS is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 producing 465 hp sending power through an 8-speed automatic transmission. And all kidding aside, that actually sounds like a pretty great car for a place whose temperature hasn't already begun plummeting.

via Motor1