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Nice to see that the auto mags that just came out are wrong, that was scaring me a bit. It was like, how can a car that is shorter than the previous model with so much talk about dropping a bit a weight with it weight exactly the same as the C-5. Even if its 70lbs it still makes a to of a difference, just think the Viper and the Ford GT weight in at over 3400lbs each and the upcoming Mustang Cobra will weight almost 3500lbs so the C-6 has a handy weight advantage over whatever other American car wants to go at it. And if they drop the same amount of weight for the Z06 *guessing it will be called the Z07 due the new LS7* that would make the Vette weight right at 3000-3050lbs. Quite a amazing stat for a car that posseses a V-8, a/c, killer audio system and all the new tech goodies in this day and age.

I'm just a bit curious what the sticker will be, I'm guessing 57-60K which would be a bargin over the old ZR-1 which cost us about 75K in that was in the early ninties when you could pick up a nice Grand Prix for only 14grand. That would also make it a good 25K less than a Viper and over 60K less than a Ford GT. I like those figures. Still out of reach for alot of people but atleast not in the ballisticilly rich elite class.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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