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Official Chevrolet Cobalt Pictures

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The embargo on these pictures is over.

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Love, love it! The sedan is far tastier than I expected!
actually- now that I see the rear of the sedan in full, I find it kindof-- awkward...
I'm curious to see what the sedan's rear spoiler will look like. I think the coupe's looks a little too-high.

Overall, I'm impressed with both models - either would make a fine replacement for my '01 Z24. (in SS form, of course!)
it looks more like the current cav than i expected, but much, much better. the rake and stance seem very similar to a neon, it stands a little too high almost it seems. this isn't such a big deal though. it looks very nice, i am impressed. not to mention, it has the classiest looking interior in the segment, or at least compared to it's american competitors, very business like. well done.
It certainly looks a huge improvement over the Cavalier, particularly with regards to interior styling. The exterior is fairly attractive too, though nothing very special. The disappointing aspect of this car is that it shares some similarities with the Vauxhall/Opel Astra -- most obviously in the dashboard architecture and the exterior mid-section -- and apparently dumbs down the rest. Once again, General Motors plays to the lowest common denominator in North America. That said, if they haven't buggered up the Astra chassis too much it should prove a competent car. By GM North America standards that'll be a refreshing change...
wow- those are awesome pics of the SS interior--- VERY nice.

These pics are at along with several other interesting shots- including a very nice wood treatment (trim on the shifter and everything).
The interior in the SS model is perfect, keep this up GM!!! Please have at least 230HP!!! BEAT THAT SRT-4!!!!
the more i see it the more i love it! the rear is a little less than i was expecting but the car as a whole has shocked the hell out of me WAY TO GO GM!!!

now i gotta save some of my spare change and see if i can pick one up in a few years....... :lol:
The SS should have more then 230, like 250 with room to grow. With VVT and a power adder, this should bring tons of street cred!!
yeah this is a great car for the year 2000. GM is still behind. the refreshed ford focus looks much better. Why doesn't gm realise that young people don't like old worn out styling. The interior is nice though, I just hope the fit and finish are up tp par.
A 1 BILLION % improvement over the Cavalier.

That said, I don't like the rear of either car based on the picture. Of course it could very well look better in person, so I'll hold back final judgement on that.

The interior is a GARGANTUAN improvement over ANY GM product in this class. I can't believe how nice looking the dash is. I dare say it's better than a Honda. I still believe VW makes the best dash in the small car segment however. Still, this thing looks great. I think Chevy has a winner here.

My little brother is gonna kick himself. He bought a Cavalier last summer :)
Originally posted by chadbarb99@Dec 29 2003, 07:13 AM
The interior in the SS model is perfect, keep this up GM!!!  Please have at least 230HP!!!  BEAT THAT SRT-4!!!!
It'll take more than 230 h/p to beat the SRT-4. That car is rated at 235h/p and 255t/q to the wheels. Sorry but there is no way they are getting those kind of numbers from a 2.0L supercharged engine. 04 SRT-4 is running 0-60 in 5.6 secs and 13.6-13.9 1/4 mile times. If the Cobalt wants to compete with those numbers, aside from it's 200hp/200tq engine, the weight has to be in low 2000's...

I thought the engine choices were 2.0, 2.2 and 2.4 all with supercharged option and was excited becasue 2.4L is already rated at 170hp/170tq and if supercharged, could yield around 260h/p, around 220-230 to the wheels...

Well, that's not gonna happen, because upon closer look, the 2.2L and the 2.4L engines will NOT be supercharged. Only the 2.0L...

Disappointing, yes, but I would be more disappointed if SRT-4 would stop being produced and there would not be a 05 model. I have been waiting for GM to show some muscle and compete with this pocket rocket, but a 2.0L s/c engine won't cut it. Not to mention, I won't be surprised if they had a hard time keeping the cost of this vehicle, the s/c'ed version, under $20K...

I'll still wait and see what numbers the Ion Redline and Cobalt SS will put down when they are out Fall 04, but I'm not holding my breath...
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Much better than I expected~! I don't get the idea of two SS models though: SS, SS Supercharged... Just make a Supercharged! :lol:
I have no complaints. I'm happy they borrowed the best from the interior appointments of the Astra.

Good Grief, GM could have used the ION instrument cluster.....

I'd like to see the sedan in another color before passing judgement......

I'd like to see the 5 dr. version built here in North America as well.
Paraphrasing Ghrankenstein, "Über Swank".......

No matter what body style, If a 6 speed, 240hp I-4 w/vvt happens,
GM's going to make $$$$$$$$$ off of this car....

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Originally posted by Sgt Beavis@Dec 29 2003, 02:11 PM
A 1 BILLION % improvement over the Cavalier.
...And that's Billion—with a B! :D

The Cobalt SS won't have to worry about the SRT4 too much longer because the Neon is near the end of its product cycle.

I wonder if the SS will have rear disc brakes (and 5 lug wheels) like the ION Redline? These photos didn't seem to indicate rear disc brakes. Come to think of it, the photo that GM released of the Cobalt SS had 5 lug wheels. Then again, the drawing of the MalibuMaxx SS had 4 lug wheels and the standard Malibu has 5.

Why am I even worried about how many lugs its wheels have when the car is this great?! :lol: :D :lol:
Originally posted by philsshon@Dec 29 2003, 12:39 PM
yeah this is a great car for the year 2000. GM is still behind. the refreshed ford focus looks much better. Why doesn't gm realise that young people don't like old worn out styling. The interior is nice though, I just hope the fit and finish are up tp par.
<----- is a young person and a muscle car freak.

I think the style if very good and is right on par with where chevy needs to be. I swear, they need to release a Camaro now. Enough with the cute crap: Vettes, aveo, cobalt, malibu, colorado.... DAMN IT GM AND CHEVY, GIVE ME BACK MY CAMARO!! :microwave:
Of course, seeing the execution in person is required... but for now, this is a perfect execution... I like the separation b/w sedan and coupe... and the fact that they didnt loose good styling and fall into the Honda - Toyota pit of terrible styling... way to go GM.
Originally posted by Rex Raider@Dec 29 2003, 12:02 AM
The embargo on these pictures is over.
LOL! :p The embargo ended a day earlier, dumbass! Dec. 28th 12:01!
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