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Very cool, I enjoyed it very much. I love going into the city every year to see the cars and the sites.
I think that GM had, by far, the largest and "footprint" of the Javits and they had the most new product out there. I mean there was crowds around the Cobra concept and the GT and GTR stang, but brand new real cars, no one touched GM.
LaCrosse: Wow, totaly surprised me in real life. Interior looked just as good as my Gf's parents ES. The dark purple paint looked great on the car.
Velite: Well, Im so damn happy to see this car. 400hp, twin turbo. There was quite the crowd around the car. Man, I would love to take that for a ride. Lines were great. I kept hearing "wow, thats a buick?!?"
C6: Now Im an avid Camaro enthusiast first, but Corvettes are 2nd in my heart. This is, by far, the best looking Corvette since 67. I dont care what these "die hards" say about the headlights, but nothing screws up the sexy hood of teh C5 then the pop up headlights. Both Vert and Targa were there. The vert was that silver color, and targa... a fantastic, orgasmic red.
STS: Wow... classy isnt even the word to describe this car. Its slick and smooth. The A&S theme is still intact. I saw the dark blue one, and man what a fantastic color. Inside looks great and exterior is fantastic.
CTS-V: I saw one up close at a dealer, but sitting in one was great. I love the seats, but I wanted something more. More like a GTO like seat. Stick was nice and smooth. I wanted to just start the car and do a burn out to get everyone around to sprint to the Caddy display.
CTS-V-R: Whata sweet looking display of 700hp! I wish they had a whole GM racing booth with the C5R, SC Race cars, The new Pontiac race cars and the GTO drift car. They could have had a whole booth in the middle of it all and that would have attracted a lot of attention. They did have the Bondruant Z06 there.
Nomad: Im sorry for every disliking this car. I was amazed at the look of the car in person.
Cobalt: Great looking car for the money, Interior looks stellar. The blue/purple paint on the SS model looked sweet. I hope thats an option. They had the supercharged 2.0 motor out on display. They didnt have the 2.4?
G6: No one was around this car when I walked up to it. It looked very good, light years past the GA. Interior looked cool too. I was looking around for the 3.9 model, but no luck.
GTO: Looked great in red and under the lights. All I heard was "Grand Prix" over and over. Got a little upset, but you know how I get.
Saturn Ion Redline: Nice seats, but other then that.... not much else. Interior was blah. Shifter needs a little work.
Vue RL: color looked great. Every kid was around it. The neo-green really had everyone around it sucked in. The Saturn Curve was pretty popular.
Saab 9-7x: I brought my friend along, and he couldnt really see the Ranier and Saab similarity. He did catch on to the mini-vans though, but he shruged it off saying that "ford and dodge does it."
Saab 9-2x: Looks like a really clean WRX. If there wasnt that hood scoop, you probably couldnt tell till you got behind it.
Solstice: WOW! People around me were like "it probably costs a fortune" When I told them its gunna cost around 20k, they all did a double take. It seems that people liked the car a lot.
Colorado: The extreem was there, and my friend fell in love with it. GM, you will have an order for a Sport Colorado coming in the next 2 months.
I was impressed with the crowed around the Malibu, Maxx, and Aveo. People were lining up to get in the car.
TBlazer SS: Well, check this out. I go up to the lady and ask if it will come with AWD or just RWD. She tells me that it will have FWD and then AWD later....FWD. I shook my head and asked her if she just said front wheel drive? And again, she repeats... yes front wheel drive. I couldnt belive it. I know its not FWD, but this lady was pretty set on it being FWD. I walked away.

I didnt see any of the Hummers. I usualy check them out, but this time I didnt. I always miss one thing!
Sat in a Legacy. Wow, great interior. I love the new style on the Subies. Great fit and finish. I was looking at the engine, but some Subie guy jumped infront of me and shut the hood... thanks.

look for my review on everyone else.

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Right-on about the G6. I couldn't believe how COMPLETELY ignored it was both times I walked by. What should've been Pontiac's featured car was reduced to sideshow status.

I think GM dropped the ball on this one, because this car needs to be a hit. To be a hit, it helps to have some BUZZ!

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I think it was the lack of a high-profile concept car and GM didnt have one. The 3 concepts were the little kappa's.
I was upset at the saturn exibit. It was like stuffed behind buick... very messed up. The Pontiac area was alright, but out of them all, Caddy seemed to be the most popular.
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