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NYIAS: Lincoln Zephyr

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Theres something very... Acura TL about that.

I like it though.
Interior is stunnung and the basic shape is ok but I think the grill screams 80's to me (not the decade to go retro on). I wish I had photoshop skills to try variations on it (uhhh hint hint :))
Overall, I'm pleased. Some of the details appear to have been "sweated" a little too much and thus come across as slightly garish (dashboard, steering wheel, front end (particularly around the foglamps)). Where the lines are simple and clean, the Zephyr comes across as classy.
I like it, very clean and classy design with a sporty look. I think it looks better than the Lincon LS.

will the production version look about the same?
It's supposed to be Lincoln's entry level sedan, and they aim to capture the younger buyers who have never owned a Licoln before (hmm there must be a reason why). But front wheel drive? please thats so pre-CTS.
Sadly it's front wheel drive. :angry:

Edit: Bartley beat me to it <_<
yeah it's fwd, but so is the Lexus Es, And Acura Tl. I don;t think that will hurt lincoln. I just hope all the lincolns will be this nice.
By being FWD, it's making itself stand out in the class. Not everyone (especially in Canada and the northern States) wants RWD.

With Caddy moving to RWD, Lincoln has seen an opening for those that don't wish to convert.
very nice. love the interior. lets hope if made to production, it keeps all the small details like exhaust and light colored wood. only thing i see that looks out of place, instrutment cluster.. reminds me of my grandpa's old f150 cluster.(squared off)
:D This car is way cool...lets hope they do it! Lord knows they need something exciting in there line-up besides the Navigator.
Now that's the first reasonable lincoln concept in how long?
Originally posted by Ming@Apr 8 2004, 01:58 AM
Nice! But is it as good as the Mercury Zephyr?

I doubt it. Those 79's you know their bulletproof. Not!
This is a sigh of relief now seriously... I thought for sure this Zephyr was going to stink like all those other Lincoln concepts. Im extreemly pleased with this car's Styling! I think Lincoln should go with it and make a stinkin' come back already, Dang it! Way to Go Lincoln!
Looks pretty good over all and if they make it cost less then the import FWD Acura/Lexus models it should do well with enough (POWER). It better not cost 30+K and have only 200/220HP but at least 250 or it will FAIL!!
Wow, the exterior looks so classy and the interior looks to be made of very high-quality materials. I love the exterior so much and how all the sharp lines blend together. Lincoln has this retro thing DOWN! Word is that AWD will eventually be added to the Zephyr since FWD is the only drivetrain available at launch.
Hopefully this concept can become reality. But I'm still confused. A car for less than the Lincoln LS looking even better? :huh:
1 - 20 of 164 Posts
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