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Originally posted by SUPERBADD75@Apr 5 2004, 03:10 PM
first of all, let me tell those of you calling this "rice" just how stupid you are. "rice-burner" is a term originally used for anything Japanese, and now is more or less used on hopped up asian cars. the Mustang, last i checked, is an American car. some of you are just complete morons. okay, i said it.

secondly, do none of you realize that concepts are meant to be outlandish, and eye-catching? most concepts are toned down considerably before they make it to production, and IF Ford made that, it would get the same treatment, i'm sure. however, keep in mind, that even if it remains goofy looking with that large spoiler (which, for the record, i'm not really a fan of either) it's an infinite number of steps ahead of GM, since their pony car duo couldn't stand the heat, and was forced out of the kitchen. the Camaro/Firebird is dead. the Mustang is still running strong. chalk up 2 victories for Ford there. show me GM's competitor for the Mustang, maybe then i won't be so impressed, but for right now, even with its retro look, the '05 Mustang looks like a home run.... it's gorgeous.
All in the eyes of the beholder. ;)
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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