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NSAP and TaHoE Review: 2004 Cadillac SRX

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NSAP Drives
2004 Cadillac SRX

The SRX is in a growing market segment in the automotive industry, and a very competitive one at that. Almost every import luxury brand has one, and a few luxury brands have had one for several years. As part of Cadillac’s reviving to “Art & Science” the brand now has the SRX. That competitive segment would be the crossover segment. Basically it is a SUV built on a car platform. Giving it a car-like ride, with the versatility of a SUV, and the luxury of the finest sedans. Crossovers have become quite popular in the past 2-3 years, since they have become more fashionable than the ugly wagons of the 1990’s, not only that but they get better gas mileage, unlike the big, bulky SUV’s.


Sadly the SRX has the “Art & Science” design theme. I personally like it, but the styling theme is still very controversial due to the fact that some people do not think it is very “Cadillac-like”, and some just plain hate the design. The SRX looks way too close to the CTS in my opinion. Cadillac should have given the vehicle more of its own personality on the exterior design, not just a wagon version of the CTS. Rather you like the exterior or hate it; you have to agree that the design flows very well. The sharp edges go from the front to the rear with ease, allowing for an aggressive yet clean exterior.

On the inside of the SRX, the first thing you notice is the room the vehicle has. At a best-in-class feature, the SRX is extremely roomy. Allowing for 3 rows of seats and plenty of leg room in each. Even having best-in-class room, it would still be very hard to use all 3 rows of seats and have luggage for everyone. But with all 3 rows up you still have plenty of room for groceries, duffle bags, or golf clubs. When you do need more room in the back, all you need to do is simply fold the third row seat down in the floor, giving more space. The SRX has very comfortable seating, even in the third row! They are very plush and supportive. All rows of seats are theater style, allowing all of the passengers to see the road ahead. The seatbelts are stored in the seats, making it where your neck does not get raw, like when the seatbelts are on the sides of the interior. That is a feature that every vehicle needs, in my opinion. Also with the seatbelts in the seats, when you enter the third row you don’t have to worry about tripping over the second row seatbelts, like in minivans. One feature of the interior that is a SRX-exclusive is the enormous sunroof. The Ultraview sunroof has 5.6 square feet of space, which is the largest in its class. With all of that room for the sun to come in there is no need to worry about the sun in your eyes, with the touch of a button the SRX automatically shades the entire glass.


The SRX with the 4.6 Liter Northstar V8 with 320 horsepower allows for plenty of power. It is also a VVT or Variable Valve Timing giving it a better fuel economy and optimizing the power. The SRX also has a fully automatic performance transmission and it is also manumatic, or Driver Shift Control, as Caddy calls it, which allows you to go from automatic to a clutch less 5-speed manual. Mostly the manumatic is used for performance driving, because when in use the engine responds quicker, smoother, and corners better by downshifting when turning.
Ride-wise the SRX is great. It has Magnetic Ride Control, which makes the vehicle respond to changes in the road. When going at highway speeds the SRX will customize each wheel’s suspension to suit the road you are on, allowing for a very comfortable ride. In bad weather not only will Magnetic Ride Control help, but the SRX’s StabiliTrak system will too. StabiliTrak sensors the driving conditions of the brakes, and Powertrain. When the vehicle is in bad driving conditions StabiliTrak engages in adjusting the driving components to make the bad driving conditions better.

Pros: excellent driving manners, nice list of features, roomy interior

Cons: pricey, art & science design, cheap dash.

Rating: 4.8/5.0


Color: Moonstone
Interior: Light Gray

MSRP: $0.00
Color & Options: $63,035.00
Total MSRP:* $63,035.00
Dealer Installed: $0.00


V8 1SD
• AM/FM stereo with in-dash six-disc CD changer and DVD-based navigation system
• Bose premium eight-speaker sound system
• High Intensity Discharge headlamps
*UltraView Sunroof


TaHoE Drives: 2004 Cadillac SRX
The Best Cadillac (SUV) Ever!!!

With its introduction of the SRX, Cadillac is slowly inching up in the Performance-Luxury Segment. Did I say slowly? Sorry, Scratch that I meant quickly, wickedly fast! The SRX offers performance unmatched by rivals, with safety and luxury features never seen on a Caddy before. The SRX is definitely worthy of a Cadillac name, but is it worthy of a Mercedes Benz Price?


The SRX is absolutely stunning in pictures and even more stunning in person. Though it does not look SUV-ish (which I could deal with), it definitely looks aggressive and ready to take on anything. The rake in the windshield I find a little extreme (almost Camaro-ish) but it adds to SRX's design which looks fast standing still. Wheels fit the wheel wells perfectly and the headlights are absolutely jewl-like. Another notable design element are the huge rear tail lights which are absolutely amazing when they are lit up, it feels like you are standing in times square. Dual Exhaust isn't that bad either....


To be honest: NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL. This interior is almost acceptable, but in a S-Class vehicle, its not at all. The design is too busy with angles all over the place. It's sporty, but not luxurious, hopefully they will replace it with an STS dash to make the price more justified, because the interior is really appalling. By the way: Don't opt for the rear bench seat, its ludicrously small and no one should have to sit back there...


My SRX was powered by the 3.6L VVT V6. The V6 felt powerful and pushed the SRX very quickly (My SRX only had RWD). The Handling was great, it felt like a sports car and not an SUV. Body tilt was minimal, and not a major issue at all. The SRX is extremely responsive and its steering is impressive with just the right amount of feedback. the SRX is definitely a driver's machine, and not a passenger's one.

Pros: Great Power, Amazing Design, Neat Cargo Capability

Cons: Horrible Interior for an S-Class model, Ridiculous "I want a Nav screen, I must get AWD, A V8, DVD Entertainment Package, Bose Surround Sound...packaging"


Equipment:V6 1SD
• AM/FM stereo with in-dash six-disc CD changer and DVD-based navigation system
• High Intensity Discharge headlamps
• Engine, 3.6L V6 VVT, (260 HP [193.9 kW] @ 6500 rpm, 252 lb.-ft. [340.2 N-m] @ 2800 rpm) (LY7) $0.00
• Sound system feature, 8-speakers, Bose, includes dual speakers in windshield pillars, front and rear doors, rear quarter and instrumentation panel and amplifier (U57) $0.00
• Transmission, 5-speed automatic, electronically controlled with overdrive, Hydra-matic, 5L40-E, with RWD (M82) $0.00

Exterior: Cashmere
Interior: Ebony Leather Seating Surfaces
Seat Type: Seats, front bucket, leather seating surfaces, includes driver 8-position power adjuster and articulating head restraints

MSRP: $45,675.00
Color & Options: $0.00
Total MSRP:* $45,675.00
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Good reviews guys!
By the way: Don't opt for the rear bench seat, its ludicrously small and no one should have to sit back there...
This reminds me....has anyone seen the Rendezvous 3rd row?

What a joke! About as useful as those reverse-facing flip up seats they used to have in the old Celebrity / 6000 station wagons' cargo area.

Can anyone here say "Deep Vein Thrombosis"? :lol:

Brutally honest review, guys. Noone can accuse GMI of being shills or sycophants for GM! ;)

Actually, I liked the interior, exterior styling -- not sure on the power or ride since I just got to sit in one.
Good, thorough reviews.

"...Sadly the SRX has the “Art & Science” design theme. I personally like it, but the styling theme is still very controversial due to the fact that some people do not think it is very “Cadillac-like”, and some just plain hate the design..."

I understand your point, NSAP, but I don't necessarily think that a more polarizing design theme is a liability, per se. It's fine that some people don't like it; it appears that there is large audience, including you and me, that do appreciate it. It has been coherently applied to several Cadillac vehicles in a way that proclaims a strong family resemblance without being too "cookie-cutter," though I understand your CTS-SRX design comments. Thankfully, when you drive an Art & Science-designed vehicle, you know it's a Cadillac; they really do have a distinctive look.
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