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I think Uwe is right. I am onboard 100%. The aim is to make Cadillac fashionable and trendy. Associate it with fashionable and trendy people. Who's trendier than Hollywood stars at the Oscars?

I believe in targeted advertising. The Super Bowl has more viewers, and it is so large it includes every demo in the country. On the surface it sounds like you can't go wrong by advertising there. But who watches the Oscars? People into style, fashion, design. People don't watch because they are seeing the big stars from their favorite movies grab big awards because Guardians of the Galaxy won't be up for big awards. People are watching for the other things. And frankly those people are who Cadillac wants buying Cadillacs. That's the goal. The Super Bowl has more viewers but the Oscars have a higher concentration of the viewers Cadillac wants to win over.

It makes perfect sense.
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