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non GM...Ferrari 420

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I dont really like the modena, and I wanted to design a more racy, stylish, passionate car worthy of the Italian stallion.

I used elements from Ferraris of the past and present , including Rossa concept, Modena, Enzo, and one older very odd looking 60s concept that I cant remember the name of.
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You have an amazing amount of talent innotech, all your designs seem to set something off, this one in particular, the raised appearance of the rear makes it look aggressive, almost like it's looking down on you, as well it looks rather edgy instead of smooth and sleek. Awesome job.
it looks alright...i mean, the drawing is of superb quality, but since i already like the current modena i don't really care for this all that much, the larger back end reminds me more of a lambo or something, not sure...either way, it was an excellent drawing and feel free to post more.
I love that design. It does look like something that Ferrari would make.
You're a really great drawer and designer. I love very concept you make. This is no exception. Nice work. :D
Guess what, That's a helluvalot closer than you realize :drevil:

I'm not bul****ting you
Awesome job!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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